Egg Lamps #2

Jens Buchert – So Ein Tag

As the 4am gig comes to a closing Dawn, I cross my fingers tightly. I count my lucky fading stars that I kept a half an hour google searching ear out for falling asleep music. This is when I need it; when the lights go out. If there’s one thing you need to recommend to anyone you know who has fleeting passing sleep issues, it’s music. If they frown and say no they’ve tried that already, don’t back down. Falling-asleep music will work somewhere along the line, it’s a matter of finding the right kind, every person has a unique anatomy and music diet, right? This one will work everytime. The enchantments work on several levels. There’s the level that isn’t so wired into the words, the one that went to college in Colchester, university in York, capitals of ye olde England. There’s the one that is wired, translated into big true red balloons, swaying to the big open aftermaths of forgone body-pumping frenzies. Jen Buchert has here a open-all-hours pharmacy marked in green soothing crosses.

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