Egg Lamps #3

Kazimir – Als ob no regrets jemals was für uns gewesen wär

This one gets it good in between those green crosses. Between the platform counters where the woman smiles politely as she hands you your prescribed memory, a storybook she wrote last night after she woke suddenly from vivid dreams. It’s all the same; pharmacies, pews, stations, checkpoints. I say again, this song gets it good in between platforms, sun running off the rails, spindling off in the opposite direction: I’m heading towards platform 7889 where apparently an old homeless man called Hans is waiting for me, he wants to talk about his childhood experiences in Frisian Islands. And, like the haste of my footsteps beating the mindful surge of my motivations, this song musters substantial oomph, rallying up, razzing up the head-forwardness, the full blast progression from the homely dressing-up box towards the suitcases and city crossroads.  It’s breathless stuff, like I say, it’s good between platforms. Right up until the point where you’re actually at the platform and you’re the opening worded brink of the inky well of an old homeless man’s head.

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