Egg Lamps #5

Mellow Mark – Du Bist Frei

Alarm! The sunsets are vorbei and the bus driver is now speaking on the tannoy, not realising that the microphone is on full volume and that there are 26 speakers on his bus, all of which are less than a metre away from our sleeping ears. He says I have half an hour break to do WHAT THE HELL I WANT. It’s a service station for goodness sake. But, upon reflection, half an hour is more than enough time to feel free. And, if I sit on that bench next to where that old lorry-driver is smoking through his moustache and I listen to Du Bist Frei by Mellow Mark, that feeling I mentioned is a guarantee. Seriously. This is German Ska on the topic of high conviction and being free; a strong sense of energetic liberation is not something you’re going to escape. Well, at least my imagination doesn’t, and here it is, positioning the soles of my sturdy shoes beneath a bench next to the moustache chimney with a bus to get back on in half an hour and the world like a wristwatch in the palm of my hand.

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