Egg Lamps #7 (The End)

Horizont Ford – Wahn Solo

The junction we stand at the side of is gigantic. It’s a work of art in itself, a monstrous maze of transport, tarmac. The lovers I accompanied have already departed and I’m alone. It’s 20 year old century and the car windows are all shut. The music that now ever so saintly fades into view is the almighty Good, the contours of fellow-minded mess. I look around, the lovers may be gone, but their presence is replaced by an ever growing multitude of weariness, a waft of voices and problems and languages, we all look upon the junction with a sense of fascination, a low sense of forgotten amusement bobbles at the surface. One friend over there cracks a smile and winks at me, or maybe the girl two to the left of me, or maybe at no-one in particular. One passer-by over there sits down, and we all slowly follow suit. And our amusing uniform distracts the heavy flowing junction, they all stop their cars and look at us for the first time ever! Horizont Ford‘s music, innovative music, music of freedom still filling the air waves, we tap our feet in unison and establish our new rhythm.

These short story installments will leave you nowhere! But, they have narrated an essense of why I would chose these 7 very diverse songs in my German Language Music Educational for English-Speakers guidebook  (I wouldn’t call it that). But, enough words, enjoy the songs, explore those other places, other realms of imagination… If you’re still with me from the beginning, you will understand the cats are by now extremely hungry which is worrying as we are running low on spaghetti.

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