Egg Lamps Wrap-Up

Sometimes it gets so good that words would only slide off. Sometimes the multi-media in question completes the canvas so much, that to direct any response would only add an unnecessary hum of noise. Rarely, but sometimes it happens. It happens when the song in question steals every grain of my evenin’ feelin’ out of my mediating brain and puts it onto my immediate sensory organs… all I can do is not think, feel one, feel unitary, a body of being.  happy times. … And so the winner is Ok Kid and their song Borderline and all the songs on their self-titled album of 2013, the dark ballet shoes black piano keys video thump for this song (above) and the dusty dashboard radioplay they gave me in a White Van outside Salzburg. And so also does this song complete 8 tracks of Egg Lamps, that is, the foregone collection of 7 music instalments spread over 14 days with German lyrics introduced with English short story responses; it has the intention of transporting a listener into new geographies of human sound, a language not universally listened to. One brief scour shows this song nowhere to be seen on Hype Machine… absurd… and so I feel a shiver of activism, maybe this mix could shift some geographies. Hope you enjoy the 8tracks. Why not open it in a new window and read through, chronologically, all the corresponding instalments (below) that form together a bigger story… although that having been said the words are as usual inessential.

Egg Lamps Series (German Lyrics) from APocketFullOfSeeds on 8tracks Radio.

1. 4am acoustic guys (byebye, 2011)
2. Falling asleep (Jens Buchert, 2012)
3. Breathless between platform (Kazimir, 2013)
4. Nodding to homeless man’s story (März, 2002)
5. Feeling free at the service station (Mellow Mark, 2003)
6. Kind lovers leading me to the crossroads (Niila, 2014)
7. At the crossroads where all youth follow suit (Horizont Ford, 2013)

I realise this format, this idea, these words, the songs, it all might seem rather opaque; I can’t deny I’ve not refrained from allowing it so. This project is designed as a foreign maze to render slow-burning fulfilment to you the scroller, it’s admittedly been a slightly spontaneous prototype of future projects when more things are happening.


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