Feeling dazed and listening to Couples Counseling

The harmonies are rich in tone, the synthetic notes are curious-sounding, the drum machine is static, the progression of the song is very fitting to the circular yet also delirious theme of the lyrics, the pitching and the heavy effects on the vocals is attractive, interesting, the song as a whole is a fly you decided to like after it flew with a flourish into your head, not after hovering somewhere near the favourite parts of the body, not after you unglued your eyes from the honey slowly dripping off the ceiling of the kitchen you’ve never properly stopped to properly look at. And now here we are, where? here where? here. Nowhere apparently; that’s why we have maps of the world; to remind ourselves that we are quite apart from the whole which we observe, day in, day out, day in, day out. And here we are again, in the maze of my large intestine, trying to get our bearings, “double meaning“, trying to get our bear-friends back into the kitchen, trying to bear with them, bear with them because we think they’ll hold out. Somewhere in between another fruitless futile fleeting moment where I cling to a song as if it were a photo of something indifferent to my insides. And so here we are, off into the grey, the sleeping sun, the only thing I recognise is the moon: not this kitchen, not the fly, not the world, not my knees, not the bear, not the large intestine, not my head, not here.

Oh my goodness, I started writing this post for in-the-moment fun, 10 seconds of first impression under my belt [listening to hope you nevr hear this] tapping into my Facebook Notes, ready to copy and paste into the blog if I get somewhere good, coherent, but now the EP is turning into something completely capitulating, it’s stirring me into a daze; yes. A pity in fact, simultaneously and directly related to what I just said; I’m now too relaxed yet confused to write, think or formulate anything. The third song (NB: double dream sequence) has brought me to the lyric “you’ve been shaking a fruitless tree”. This lyric is great, the song is great, it makes the first paragraph truly sensical, instead of just abstractly. The rhythmic wave concoction that is music; Couples Counselling are triumphant explorers, sea-farers, they hold the World Map – where the World is my generic grey evening furnished by all the knots and names I can muster… flies, kitchens, knees, souls, intestines, bears. What? Yep.

‘Slumber party’ is a tag on the list of tags on their Bandcamp, so start clicking and then slumber party, culminating with 11 timeless units of time with track 5, fiftyseven.

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