Finding Keys, a peach tree


the black hole
of the
where you sleep

the night breeze
something sweet
a peach tree

lyrics by Mitski 

bass guitar notes sing sing, chord scheme starts, singing is calming, so is bass, hi-hat comes in very lightly, singing picks up, very slightly rouses, a bit more, then the whole drumkit comes in with a bang, as well as an opposite gendered vocal, and an organ, and the hi-hat opens, the singing words gets  a bit more direct than the above intro – please don’t say you love me – but it’s sung in the same smooth calm way, so it feels like, despite the intensity and directly worded feelings, it’s all part of a smooth progression, a steady course. I think that’s what life should be, right? Lots of ups and downs, and sometimes really intense, but overall just a movement in a good direction and then –ah!- Key CHANGE!  Key chaaaaange!!! The car stops and spins a few times and flies onto another type track somehow, everything I said before, bass, singing, drums, organ, but one key higher, surreal songscape escape, a big energising dose, substantial synthesis, the same old course but on a completely different level that I wouldn’t couldn’t have imagined, perpendicular and peculiar, greatness and greatness, Mitski‘s song is transcendental and so will be the album that it appears on; bury me at makeout creek, released on November 11th.

Be part of it over the next few forevers
Ur teil

– first love / late spring


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