For Evergreen Seeds #6

On snows our winter-themed ‘Evergreen Seeds’ mixtape, I am George to make a conclusion.

Find the rest of this winter mixtape right here.

Winter is all an illusion of atmosphere. Everyone’s prone to become more depressed in winter simply because the weather makes everyone feel shit. So you have to concentrate on the striving and consistent beacons of hope and comfort, someone amazing told me her mum always told her to concentrate on the sky. Well that’s true.
Because imagine! Imagine our small earth in universe, imagine the other hemisphere! Imagine that burning fireplace becoming more than just physical heat, it’s giving warmth to all snowed-in yearnings that lay shivering inside your almost dormant soul. A Remix Artist Collective interpretation of The Shins’ Sleeping Lessons is a prime example of pure comfort to that hollow empty feeling that comes when one misses the sun like one might miss a girl who one had seen the day before.

For winter, the songs have to get inside you. RAC light a fire beneath The Shins’ original peaceful/sleepy/snare nature and make good do with crunching humble bass tones which can rise up to the base of your neck; that lump-in-throat feeling is an over-whelming sign of life, of feeling alive, of being alert with emotion. Emotion to be your ration through the cold. Emotion to be your consistent beacon of hope and comfort. Wake up – see the sky!

The Shins – Sleeping Lessons (RAC Remix)

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