So it’s time I stopped growing out of music, once and for all. And to head sideways to the several versions of human song, each with heart as much the other, each listened to by someone else at some time in their lives and… here I am, with a fragment to tell and a song to share,  Clear My Head With You by Adventures.


Some inkling on the stone was enough. Some word that got stuck and clogged up in the coiling ribbons of mind was the word that lingered long enough to form a paragraph, a story. One fragment of rock makes the mountain. A fragment of reels and reels of tangled film lurking in your head, what you remembered of the day before yesterday, that fragment, one image you never forgot, the image that made you put down your things and contorted your mind, construed it to a mountain, a mountain you wanted to descend. And now it’s you and your mountain, in a dark room, a dissemblance, a distance, a dissonance. And things aren’t the whole you wanted. You and your dark room with your water and your fragment and your lingering inklings and the mountains you make. Things are never black and white, but this one certainly feels like it the more you look at it. So it’s time to close eyes, stop looking, let the inklings dry, the stone still, the rock steady, the mountain merely imagined in a dark empty room.

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