Freedom Fry


This is perhaps my favourite type of music. Everything about it clicks and slots together. Utterly relaxed and gorgeously confident at the same time.

It’s so hard to balance showmanship with a sense of simple likeability. Bjork had moments of it with her Biophilia show standing in the middle of the stage punching the air and grinning her head off. We went to see The Nouvelle Vague on my 18th birthday and you couldn’t help but be blown away by the frantically easy going stage presence of the whole band.

Freedom Fry get it right. For every nonchalant strum of the Oscar Schmidt autoharp [had to get help on that] there is a synchronised finger snap or a vocal harmony which drives the song on gathering more and more gorgeousness as it goes.


Get the EP here from Caveman Arts (who are a wonderful thing)

The French/American duo are currently making an LP, it’s going to be very very good.



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