Frosted Screen

Bwa, this one riddles the silence,

therapeutic doses,

makes the moon outside make a little more sense, brings it all a bit more together, the concept, the cloud, and the curtains

some recurring theme. a good night . pictured


Once I was told we like bass frequencies, bass drums, because they remind us of heartbeats. One for the road – thud

And I don’t know if it’s subjective, but this oscillation arpeggiation reminds me of winter life, that ol’ winter life, when cold comes upon my forehead so blankly, a thud, the oil-lamp inside jiggles a little and creates helpful patterns for itself: when the days end early and it finds its routine, find its reflection – light’s hazy memory in its proper peaceful place, flickering.

The stop/start towards the cloud end, the anti-outro, that’s how I know


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