Gange-a-Midi – You Appear

Twisted and subversive. But at the same time polished and neatly arranged. Quite a strange mixture of sound coming from the slightly strangely named Gange-a-Midi.

For some reason this song makes me think of sweets like Chewitts or Wham Bars which look solid and simple but with a little bit of attention can chew and stretch and morph into something quite unexpected. That makes me sound like I have some kind of epiphany every time I eat a sweet which is perhaps a step too far. I definitely do remember as a 5 or 6 year old being really interested in the way this new synthetic material behaved. Unnatural but really satisfying.

This tune and so many other good ones came to me from who are worth keeping an eye out for gems like these which might otherwise never get the attention they deserve.

Have a bigger listen to Gange-a-Midi here.



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