George Goes Berserk In An Orderly Fashion

Don’t worry, this flounce is totally under control, I’ve got this feeling before and I’ll get it again. I do generally appreciate the screwed things below and I generally I think that the new music system is amazing in its accessibility, in its pure massive size and variety and in its charming practicality.  It’s just sometimes I hit overload and feel the need to take a day sabbatical by posting something negative.

Once upon a time, I hit music overload on an 8 hour european train from Rotterdam (Holland) to Schleswig in North Germany. I took the headphones off and pondered on my utterly bored and exhausted state, many songs woozily pounding around my head, I just hit the moment where the songs were meeting a brittle outer shell and only blind noise was seeping through the white of my skull.

Writing for this blog sometimes requires a little search and a surf for some new music. is effectively a huge station of my music taste, recommending me new artists, new releases, new festivals purely based on my Itunes play count. It’s clever and it’s convenient, it’s typical of this new ‘intelligent age’ where almost every aspect of our lives have been influenced slightly by the internet. Back in old times, music was like a few bands, a few genres, a guitar and drums, a festival and a radio station (please feel free to jump on my exaggeration bearing your old-school claws).

Screw searching for new music, screw being recommended tracks and artists, screw the promotional spam we get sent, screw Hype Machine, I just want to listen to The Specials.

The Specials – A Message To You Rudy

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Yay! We love this song! Mutual Love! Let’s do a cyber-dance.



  1. Ed
    Ed September 13, 2010 at 8:06 pm . Reply
  2. Music for Songwriters
    Music for Songwriters September 15, 2010 at 5:57 pm . Reply

    haha…reminds me of my room back in college…never organized because I find my stuff better that way..

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