get your love music, this mouth that looks forward to dead leaf evenings

I am literally looking for music and by that I mean people because music is how I do people, I am literally looking for music that does all the imagining for me. It’s like an advertisement right now; please, musicians, submit your sound only if you want to occupy and dictate my imagination.

When I listen to this song I am forced to imagine myself somewhere not doing what I do when I’m dripping like ink … to the extent I feel uncomfortable not to be in direct communication or interaction, I feel inclined to keep it short and sweet and to let the words wake the hell up and go to work

Music that doesn’t hurt, music that doesn’t penetrate my metaphor-mind-matter, just a synthesis of imaginary light.

Evidencing the email that Leo sends before I post this here, evidencing the circles of this culture digestive system, working well!
Circles that are of course linked to the linked arms of the transition between the first post and the second:

Late Life Living, Chasing After… 

What do you think?

I think that I like the nodding-nervous-head aromas of Autumn, even if I’m just imagining it.. I like the people I ritualistically meet in Autumn each year and I like the music, I always like the music that I imagine is currently doing its thing to bring new schooldays together for so many young hearted legends, post-nerves, all I want is something with rhythm to dance the random down and sing-along lyrics to sing along to.

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