God, You’re, Still, Alive, Just

It’s an interesting big-sky world in which people care: I just want to say I feel like this song cares about me and I guess that’s kind of weird because that makes the song sound like a person. Which we all know it isn’t. But I guess maybe you could say that some songs offer such experiences that feel as intimate as real people, standing before you, singing. Singeing one word too many in the post-experience hum, the nod, the re-read, the insertions of the dream-kind, coming back to the experience all over again without the thought that you’re ‘reliving’ anything in particular, but rather that you’ve been ‘reliving’ all the time.

Essentially, this all commas down to writing again, listening again, sharing again, and again, and again. This one’s a several cleared throats and a several verbs alive to say ‘thanks music, you did it again, keep it up and please let’s do this again soon’.

Yes, you, I’m talking to you Gravy Dayz by Caroline Says off an album that I downloaded to and addicted to from what feels like last year until now. You’re legend, one of the least worst addictions/myths and sometimes I think you’re the best legend. Here’s one to sustain a bipolar execution of ideas to an agreeable tempo with a guitar and a voice that sings like a well fed-up cap-wearing day in the summer with your sun hats and it’s long grass short legs sideways sunglasses nods and untying nots solemnly searing in the back – a release! An earlier one at that!

But this one can’t wait for more music and an album from Caroline Says.

Well taken, with time, learnt not to stigmatise the self: the music looks pretty like real things do, music that is both staccato and gradual in the instrument and voice respectively, yet still seeming to mean a great deal in emotion and sound of a presumable Caroline, once previously weighed down by the notions of narrative and word games, now freed up, just humming almost, just songwriting in all its well received hugs of a snare drum that is often used so well, like the seamless appearance of the full-stop. Here’s one for going ‘back’ to Caroline and meaning a great deal of emotion and sound of her song apparently sitting in a day-dream of “you” and “God” and other three-letter words/suffixes/abbreviations. Ctd.

Buy the album at ‘name your price

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