A couple of things have made me smile today. Cycling to give my girlfriend a Gus The Fox badge before her train leaves and sitting in this strange departure lounge style new addition to our university campus watching a girl enjoy a particularly animated hands free phone call are just 2.

The third is the discover of GoldFlakePaint, a Bristol based music blog/zine. A welcome FB post from Sparrow And the Workshop about a compilation containing some unreleased stuff of theirs led me to what is probably one of the most satisfying playlists of music I have heard in ages. Absolutely fucking ages. It’s called From The Outside Looking In. put together From The Outside Looking In and have released it to celebrate their 2nd birthday (I think we experimented with a new font on our 2nd birthday). There’s not much of an “about” page to be found for these guys and to be honest the site speaks for itself. It speaks up as soon as you land on it. Something about the design and the photography get’s me excited and when you find such phenomenal music you cant help but enjoy it all the more.

This is what webzines should look like and this is what they should be doing. Too many sites are happy enough to post artwork, two lines from a press release and then “let the music speak for itself”. I can’t stand this, I wish there were more sites out there trying to create something with the music they like rather than just recycling someone else’s talent.

I could get into a tangent here but, for the time being, I would rather that you all listened to this compilation.

You just know from the North Bay demo, Golden Years, that there is going to be a ton of good stuff to come flooding through headphones and speakers for a long time to come. The reverbed guitar licks washed into distant claps and a myriad of other noises on this opening track have been on repeat now for close to half an hour. I can’t help but let my wander to thoughts on leaving uni, leaving my girlfriend, working in music, working in the city, my friends’ wedding next Saturday and who this girl has been talking to on her hands-free phone for so long. Big things and small things all come and go and they get better with tunes like these.




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