Good Ridiculous Sugar

I’m half watching Match Of The Day 2, half re-listening to these songs by Seastroke that I listened to for a while in a bath yesterday. They have a hold on me. Real synth pop music with emotive vocals, that kind of music, that kind of hold on me. So often with pop/synthesiser/catchy/indie music, there are frequently moments of slight cheese-cringe, slightly sickly feelings; too-sugary moments.  These creates the issue of a toying in your head where you don’t know if you like it, you get really into the song-feeling, get into it, and then one of these moments happens: an auto-tuned word, a silly snare or a ‘dreamy’ synth-swoop. something that makes the song sound stupid, makes the song potentially troubling. But then the moment finishes and the song’s back to those good lyrics, original rhythms, strange sound, vocal effects, good feelings. You realise the song has justifiably earned your continued musing, your thinking, it’s a been an interesting ride, you’d take it again.


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