Groove Through The Roof

This is Afraid by Maddy and the Groove Spots. This is a song for everyone everywhere with brains and a sense of rhythm. Taking a hold on chorded schemes, guitar in place with that cool whammy sound and a bass to dance partner, blinking bells, swinging drums. We have here a song that follows itself down a country sunlit road, well-walked by many a spritely rhythm of muddy puddle-placed soles. It’s got the funk genes, hardly frayed, pressing all the buttons! It dives straight in. In a recent post, I went a bit mad with feet-tapping implorations, (sic.) digressing explorations, yeah well this is the foot-tapper of all foot-taps. That’s a pleasant image actually, holding your foot underneath a tap and getting used to the water sensation. That’s not the foot tapping I mean. No, I mean the one where the circuit between your brain and every end of your body gets kicking into life, where play is pressed, work is pulled, you find yourself all of a thoughtless jiggle. Free! Her lyrics match the jiggle pieces. I’m Afraid! It’s a journey, a blue sky filled with eye-contacts alive, eyebrows ascending. I Let Go! … Afraid is different, distinguished because it funks so well (that verb is an APFOS first). It does the loose-limbs bouncy dance to perfection. A huge happy headswing that would leave you spinning and spinning a flurry of flustered faces into a big interweb of humans doing unfaultered human things; one big heart of good, escaping their houses together.

There’s more to be mused, but this song is Name Your Price on Bandcamp and it’s on repeat; keeping me up as an unregrettable reason, right on-! More importantly, head over to the Maddy and the Groove Spots Facebook and show some Like.


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