Happens After Midnight


I wear my teethy smile wherever I am at the party. I use my feet and ankles and many other body parts to move in time with the music. It’s funny how reliant parties are on music. Such reliance is proof of music’s lovely lovely enzyme-like attribute that fuels each emotion to it’s greatest potential. After-parties are good as well.

Back on track, back to Midnight Juggernaught‘s naughty remix of a spineless Dragonette creation; I’m not saying MJ give it particular amounts of spine, just one well-structured soup of well-timed decisions that will give your happiness every chance of being wonderfully enhanced. Wonderfully wonderfully enhanced. This song’s like some weird alcohol dressed up in delicious lemonade. This song’s like a really good drug without all the long-term death penalties and disappointed facial expressions. Care-free I tell you!

Care-free like the stage at about Midnight when everyone forgets to be awkward.

Dragonette – I Get Around (Midnight Juggernaut Mix)

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