Help press Arrange’s new record, “New Memory”, to vinyl

Here at A Pocket Full Of Seeds HQ we do like a bit of the moody, atmospheric, melodic electronica. In fact we fucking love it. I can’t speak for George but from the muffled warps and audio scribbles I occasionally hear from his bedroom at home I reckon he probably fucking loves the stuff too

Arrange is a shining example of what turns me on musically. The album Plantation spins round on my iPod most days on the walk to campus and when I picked up word that the man is looking for funding to press his upcoming album onto vinyl I had no choice put to get stuck in!

If that’s your bag then go get it! For $14 (which is probably only about £3?) you can get an advance download of the new record and a 12″ limited edition vinyl copy. Feels good.



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