hi: don’t hover, do click

attic noise – how to never stop being sad (dandelion hands cover)
Jonny Hill – Fractured Narratives
lee (asano+ryuhei) – ima
elizabeth veldon – a map of privilege/ a map of pain


you’ve washed up it’s okay, settle in settle in, some things have changed yes, yes, no, no yes they’ve gone unfortunately, it’s just me, but that’s okay, right? okay, right, take a deep breathe, a pause, a pau–se, , , I don’t know where they’ve gone, but I can tell you where, I can tell you who hasn’t gone, no give it a chance, ok don’t give it a chance, just let me speak. sit, click, listen. this world you’ve washed up in it’s overall more potentially great than the world from which you came , look, here, we have elizabeth, she’s almost up to the four hundred mark, she’s real, one of her four hundred is the one you see at the bottom, called a map of privilege / a map of pain – it’ll ease you into the first phase of sleep, I hope you sleep – settle into a world where music is that young handsome man who emotionally monologues about his innermost emotions to the mumbling sound of his guitar and records it, and then gets covered, the cover? that’s the sky, if you click, you will find your thoughts replaced by this guy who just like a legend talks onto a sound, it’s somehow powerful, but enough about powerful, we still have superhits like lee (asano+ryuhei)  – go no further – this world is one big busy – you? asleep? ok. the one with the words: fractured narrative: the more times you listen, the more you know you’re completely alive through your ears? the more you know that all that this might come down to is a live gig exhibition in Milton Keynes for which that music may have been made, the only thing that really matters is that is that it doesn’t really matter if you’re already half-asleep wholly peacefully half-asleep, click, click, click ok, bye-bye

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