Hide Yourself – 14th

Resting is never easy. To rest is to rise above and poke your head out through the ozone layer of whatever dramas and excitements are now sprawling around your knees.

Music helps. Whether by helping you answer questions and find a bit of composure or by making you think about the things that matter the most. You can use it to escape or you can use it immerse yourself in the gorgeous things in life , however painful they might be.

“Don’t hide yourself”, stay with it, get the shit kicked out of you and then come tumbling out the other side with your shirt torn, a cut lip and eyes wide. This is what we signed up for and soon we will be a part of the ozone layer.


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  1. […] I love it. It also gives you a chance to meet The 14th – amazing band which I found through A Pocket Full Of Seeds. You can stream the full mixtape here and download direct […]

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