Hiding in some thicket skin

Parasomnia by Escaping Animals

Escaping animals seething from Melbourne, soundtracks to
Dog made of cotton jumper, staring me down
Birds sealed in Pharaoh linen, lining the wall corners
Killed with scissors in the dead of night,
I’m guilty and running over fields for a bus stop
Hidden in a school, arrested in a desert van

Everything all at once, not just visual
Multi-dimensional; the hunting and the hiding,
Bilinear threads of my sub-conscious
Disturbed, frayed and afraid
Woken up in Australia sweats,
Cradling a pile of tendons
Of recollections

A skin costume I cut up, and
Reminisced to the disjointed
Dream Dance I hear now,
Escaping Animals,
This disjointed dance
for future peaceful dreams.

This song was released 5 hours ago (the morning of 3rd October), the EA’s Soundcloud is a regular stream of stimulating beat music such as the above.


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