Now I dont know the first thing about hip-hop…

I know Biggy mainly through mashups and mixtapes, I listened to Eminem a lot as a younger youngster and if I ever have to choose some entrance music at some stage in my life it will be Jay-Z – Public Service Announcement.

But other than being a big fan of the greats I cant profess a burning desire to find the latest rap talent nor have I spent the occasional day doing nothing but burying myself in the genre. When I started actually making an effort with the music I listen to (pretentious though that sounds) it was the guitar I was playing that lead the way. Hendrix, Dylan, Zeppelin and The Jam  lead the way into the 21st century indie rock/pop scene which blended into electro/dance etc. These days there is no point in trying to identify yourself with a genre because, unless you are pretty boring, you will be lying to yourself.
The sprawling laptop based musical landscape which this blog’s inbox has opened up for me has literally everything in it and it’s always good to get a flash of something new, and it really helps if its actually enjoyable to listen to.

Kevin Abstract & EaSy sent one such e-mail which stood out amongst some stiff competition. Teenagers, championed by Mostly Junk Food, who lay their lyrics out over the kind of music which would sound pretty sweet if it was done as an instrumental. Thank god they don’t though.

Get an earful and a free download at their BandCamp page and make a note of the names.


p.s. The sampled vocals on Believe sound so much like Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Maybe i just stated the obvious but somehow I doubt it.

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