Hipster Folk Revival!

Another soul just got a little saved and well-distracted by its discovery of Sandy Denny. So we’re talking 1970s, that myth of time, where it seems there was some sort of revolution in music fanaticism and the actual listenership partly turned away from the many modernisations of popular gospel and attended more towards the only thing that still held existential substance: the folk music. It’s astonishing, finding repose and a final -peace- in company of these singers like Shirley Collins singing very old songs, recommended merely exclusively by youtube.com to 90s-born like me. It’s astonishing to have a perspective on the folk revival in 2015, it’s beyond comprehension how exactly we are to make sense of ‘revival’ as it was experienced in the 1970’s trending hash tags of a connection that controversially turned electric, uncontroversially accepted.

So we’re talking Sandy Denny and this song that may have changed your life, now:

I’ve always been one for honesties, so I shall admit that this is a 7 hour impulsive moment I want to share, and a moment in which I want to discover a lot lot more about the 1970s and folk rock music, I want to find people who lived through an interesting thought and I want to know what made it tick, I don’t want to know facts, I just want to feel like they felt because I think maybe I’m feeling something similar right now. I want to find the people who know why Fairport Convention were one of the most influential British bands of the 60s. The only music genre that makes sense in hipster-discussion anymore is Folk, the only genre that I am sincere with until the end, I am not at all insecure about vaguely saying Folk, it’s an unwavering category and I recognise it’s the word that we use to describe so much of everything that sounds even slightly traditional or instrumental or lyrical, whatever the culture or language or people from which -it- is derived..

This was a meditation that someone did, sound-doodling all the while with that hug of a chorus of It’ll Take A Long Time . A sensible follow-up was checking wikipedia on Sandy Denny and confirming that that she was (1947-1978) alive and this reminds you how time flies and ends and 1970s.

The following counts as a review because its audience are people who want to experience some kind of review on music, the holistic etymology of review supports this, reviews make you want to listen to the song again (and stop attending to the review), and reviews isolate any examples and sentiments contained within the song, highlighting them and/or mediating and/or juxtaposing them.

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