Holding Up The Bypass

We have just had a hell of a tough few years since JCB broke, and the stress and focus it has put on our differences as a band and label have been huge.


3 am last night as we closed down at work JCB by Nizlopi came on the jukebox. I remembered enjoying the song as a 15 year old who was enjoying Christmas along with the other 500.000 people who went out and bought the record. And still today the song is good, who could argue with how unenjoyable the shit bits of school  were and how simple it is loving your dad as a 5 year old. Simple is the word.


I had a snoop about the band and it turns out they split last year. There’s a full goodbye message on the site which mentions, along with the quotation above, how the band had not been the “vision that John had hoped for”. I was in a 2 piece band at 15 and despite being a good band the immature bullshit we both pulled made the whole thing not much fun at all by the end. Anyway reading that Nizlopi was a band with a vision, a one man vision that was destroyed by commercial success, was almost as painful as  not being able to watch Top of The Tops on the old sofa at home with pizza and peas.


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