Happy Valentines Day to all you APFOS readers.

I thought I’d post a few tracks that aren’t new but ones I have been listening to this week .

First up are mixes by Miruga.  He seems to have taken down Mid-Nightmare Lounge Vol. 1 from his SoundCloud, but the Vol 2 is still up. Both are an eclectic collection of Jazz, Funk and Soul tracks from the 60s and 70s. I managed to get the Vol.1 before it disappeared and have been introduced to some wonderful music such as Rudolph Johnson and Freddie Hubbard. Recently I’ve found myself getting more interested in Jazz and these mixes definitely provide a good selection for any Jazz newcomer to get acquainted with the genre. 



Next is Teedraheedren by Bad Autopsy. Off Cash Antics Volume 3, it’s a mixture of electro-funk and disco and it’s sure to make you want to dance. Constantly on repeat and one of my favourite Bad Autopsy’s tunes. Also related to Bad Autopsy is Gongon with whom he makes with and as it’s Valentine’s Day here’s their song ‘Come Around’. Light, lovely summer vibes.




Third  is Ikonika’s PR812 (Tech House is Boring Mix). I’d kind of forgotten about Ikonika since she released Contact, Love, Want, Have in 2010 and then the other day I saw she put up Lost Dubs – a collection of tracks all with free download on SoundCloud. My favourite of Lost Dubs is this one. It’s upbeat, flows and has Ikonkia’s signature synth sound. I wasn’t the greatest fan of some of her other songs but for me this is one is refreshing. 



Finally I have to post Hotel by Broken Social Scene. It just wouldn’t seem right if I left their incredibly sexy song ‘Hotel’ off this Valentine’s day post. I can’t believe I just wrote ‘sexy song’ but hey it is and you should listen to it because it’s also one of their best. 





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