Oh wow. Long long long time no talk. Sorry you haven’t heard much from me, life is gloriously unmanagable!

I have not forgotten about the blog though. As real life starts happening more and more and I start to worry that “when I grow up” has already happened my bloggy urges have become fewer and further between. I must admit that for about 3-4 weeks I have withdrawn back into a musical cave, living off 5 or 6 albums which make up my comfort zone. I got slightly bored with the constant influx of remixes, b-sides and hypey crap that I was starting to favour more and more instead of the hardworking, sometimes life-changing wonder that is the holy-fuck awesome album.

But this blog is not a place for full length albums. This is a place for me to hash out words to singles and tracks which catch the ears.


Luke Kay – Rush

I am not  very good at picking through our e-mails, it takes a pretty good promo message to make me delve further into the music worlds on offer. Luke Kay mentioned The Glitch Mob, Bjork and Ratatat, Doesnt get much more enticing than that.

I’ll let you decide whether it lives up to the claims. It’s good, definitely better than the 15 plays suggests but I kinda feel like it either sits back too much and just misses out on the urgency of Glitch Mob and yet it doesn’t have the more gentle skim which lets you relax with it. After a few plays it makes me feel pretty uneasy, which is cool for some people.


M x


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