imagining elsewhere / somewhere (the keys on tracks by Мєтєologiς†)

A reflection of another track that applies to a different track by the same artist. A reflection of a video that applies to a different video that you can imagine, I’m sure:

I find the keys on this track unlocking my headspace
unashamedly like lurking you know somewhere
And I kind of do know somewhere, perhaps, something
I couldn’t have known for now had I not seen through the window
in which this track was appearing as a video
I watch
I couldn’t have found these keys if the video hadn’t already given me that space in which things are found.
It’s so majestic how this track/video interacts with itself in the listening process, as you see each slide of loved one into its next, from one refrain to the next. I’m not talking causal relation where the video causes the song to be good or the song causes the video to be good. In the context of our sense of rhythm and music, such a relation makes no sense, in that context of all things considered art; those causal relations are nothing but correlations.

And, if I’m honest, I just found the time at which I experienced it all, I found that time lurking like an unexpected, I found that time correlating with some post that someone I know posted on the computer. His song, his video, in the same duration, together, correlated.

And that’s when I found these keys, because it was all so someone, all so real, all so reminding me of the life behind the music. Such a thing you see in the things that mean something to you immanently, the only things you have left once all the noise fades away and life means nothing more than something like a cradle, cradle of sentiment and care, the things that the track-video reminded me of .

Something I can’t share here- it means so much to me as an agent of experience-creation – to have found that track-video on my news feed, where the keys of something I know were able to find the hole somewhere, find it something, there it stays, here I may just allude:


I may share the audio of a song made by the artist which wasn’t on the video.
Guaranteed sufficed because this musician’s recordings are always real, influencing and a bone for your imagination, love and sense of rhythm, disjointed and disparate and reassured as you always are.


These keys:




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