1. [...] tracks are also the business. One of the big things I really appreciate from music are vocals. Vocals that have you wishing your name was in the lyrics so that you could record a little sound bite and [...]

  2. [...] particular, as I must have mentioned before, is lead out by a wailing boy and ringing guitars. Every so often you might comprehend some of [...]

  3. [...] The Strange Boys – Be Brave [...]

  4. Sharp Mouth | A Pocket Full Of Seeds
    Sharp Mouth | A Pocket Full Of Seeds February 6, 2012 at 12:54 am .

    [...] back the band’s debut LP from his 2008/9 days at now peacefully dormant Absolutely Kosher (apfos’d in younger days). The songs are usually striking, generally fraught…and fragile…but always alert, [...]

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