Interrupting you with the internation of Gnosis

Hats and devices off to the music that could make something happen if it weren’t so what it was on the internet with no numbers to make it easily available>>
I Bandcamp’d and searched for music tagged “sound design”.>>
It’s easy to get bogged down within a quick-becoming relentless search for the thing or artist that you somewhere want, you put in a load of tags over the course of an hour of hours to brief but unsustainable avail, you end up feeling elsewhere.
Today I didn’t do that but rather I just picked a tag and went deep into impulse instead of wide into wandering / waiting / willing / wanting /

Here’s a short-paragraph that I am determined be part of an agenda that aims to establish the connection and association between things that consciously happen at the same time – an agenda that would disallow music reviews from being mere mediators, MEDIA, like everything journalistic that’s telling you to believe something that could be more true and more real if only we got around to spending more time, increasing our attention spans and actually engaging / listening in to the situation, without distraction.

Here’s another (less) short-paragraph along the same lines [Big up Gnosis and your inspirational music that has helped another music listener, another intellectual get on with something while we wait until he feels comfortable. This intellectual wanders over seemingly looking at his nose and playing with his face, his spectacles / he drifts into this great conversation I am having with a flustered Name I can’t remember.. he injects his breathless words with a mouth in my direction, his eyes in the other … “we need to deconstruct the intellectual hegemony” … we all breathe in and look at the sky … “don’twe?” … / My imagination hugs him and we go off walking together aligning with the nearby white cliffs as we finish off our glasses of white wine before we return to the wedding anniversary to drink more, my imagination’s enough to keep my conversation going; Name-forgotten and I continue getting to know each other without further interruption]

Maybe it’s called Gnosis? And I’ve been waiting sometimes for months.

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