Isaiah & Hovey

Isaiah & Hovey – Smoke Signals

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This has been the winter of rap. Not necessarily hip-hop, some of the big tunes have been may favourite tracks by Glitch Mob or xx layered with spat out lyrics and rolled out verses. The music does come first. I’m still inexperienced enough that I can’t really enjoy rap for raps sake. The sample and the beat still have to spin me in first or the remix needs to be a choice song which welcomes the new twist.

To be honest though I could listen to the intro on this one on repeat. You could drop any female vocalist over the same keys, from Goulding to Ditto to Tracey from 14th. But this guy Isaiah gives the track some breath and lets the ribs stretch out so nicely. The lyrics I grew up on as a kid didn’t actually talk to you like this guy does. Sometimes you need a song to sit down and tell you what’s going on.

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