It’s already half past one

I was wanting to write about the above and then saw that its tag was ‘Wilco’ so I asked google if it was a cover and it came up with the below video
The below video is addictive i.e. fulfilling to the max
The above song is sweet too.
But listen the below – is it just me or does the 24 second intro bring a smile to your face
– really working a kind of minimal rock thing going on
The above song is really sweet, a big thing to return to and it addresses something delicate
I like the way the song builds with that most soothing crease/refraining lyric –  ‘chemical reaction’
I like soothing and real at the same time
Seriously, though, the below video
Both songs mention cigarettes so now I’m thinking of cigarettes, everything is connected.

I spent the evening writing about economics and this morning I had my second job interview to be an English teacher.
Everything is connected – the video is just generally very well shot – the characters within it are believable somehow even though the plot extends extravagantly / entertainingly

It’s Already Half Past One

Is another pick-out lyric from Gregory Uhlman‘s , the music is inventive, the song is human, the harmonies are relatable. Encompassing that warm brush of the kind of song sound

I was wanting to write about the above
Maybe all I needed was something to juxtapose it with
Next time don’t read too much into a Soundcloud tag, I guess, that’s my lesson
Or do, depends on what the objective really is.


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