It’s Lonely Around People, Too.

Yesterday, A Pocket Full of Seeds turned 3 years old! 


The nature of absence is that which is incurred by expecting presence. The nature of vacancy is that which is incurred by expecting engagement. The nature of nothing is that which is incurred by expecting something. The nature of loneliness is that which is incurred by expecting companions. Expect none of these things and these natures will not be incurred.

Some things are embedded within us as truths; things like New Years Eve being a time of celebration and happiness and companionship; same goes for Christmas; we have ingrained expectations, apart from our conscious mind, that these times will or at least should be a good happy sociable time. Mostly because of our past experiences but also because of social convention through things like advertising, friends talking about how good it will be, religion, literature and stuff like that.

By this example and skipping a few sentences, I think the conflict between our expectation and our reality is the only conflict that we as humans mentally capacitate. It’s the thinking pain.

So sit back and stop thinking. Do more stuff with your hands and do less with your mind. Walk around the place and actively achieve things, don’t wander endlessly within the maze inside your head. Listen to this song, It’s Lonely Around People, Too. by english electronic artist, Stuart Thomas a.k.a. Mountain Range, and do that. There’s an uncanny suitability between the attributes of this song, of this artist, and sitting, not thinking, relaxing in your body, observing the scape of your vision, enchanted.

This is Mountain Range, a favourite electronic musician of this blog whose just put out this track, It’s Lonely Around People, Too. via Bad Panda Records. Here especially he creates a successful combination between ambient-feelings and beats, between repeating samples and progressing movements; really big stirring sincere progressing movements that make you feel really serious and really good – combined with fleeting exciting good-sounding looping satisfaction. I think of this song like a huge vessel somehow moving from one astounding landscape to another; a huge vessel packed to the windows with meditating Germans, drunk on good views, not talking to each other.

Mountain Range – It’s Lonely Around People, Too.


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