Joppa Road, June [14th, 24th, xth]

June 14

Imagine shimagine, light drizzle, check you’ve got your keys wallet and some imaginary friend
imaginary shimaginary

is the rhyme in your palm beneath your fingers, clutched, the rhyming sound between your ears and your eyes when you’re learning to listen intently and you’re letting the other person’s thoughts and non-thoughts pour into your place.

without interruption

so let’s keep it short; keys, wallet, post, k, k, k;
and call these the musings of a man driving on Joppa Road, released in 1994 by Ween

s”you look great today”

June 24

“Honey you look great today”

It’s usually a huge trip when I wake up as I realise that the world still exists and all my memories and questions are still milling round a waiting room I came across the night before horizontal scraping at the air with two hands and one pillow, trying to wake up now feeling as real as trying to get to sleep.

The world needs no more metaphors, it already is one – two thoughts I had wander into a kitchen and sit down, sip quietly, circular dreams stirring and stirring and stirring until one breaks, the other listens.

If people want to put words to my music, that’s fine. If people want to dream to my music, that’s fine. There’s a thing about being really direct with your lyrics and there’s a thing about being indirect.

There’s an interview with Aaron Freeman from Ween on Nerdist where he talks about receiving creative input and critique from his son.

There’s this song which you can kind of tell is a cup of tea outside in the howling sea-howling wind on a stall and there’s this song which you can kind of tell is track 14 on a compilation CD or a beginning of side B on a cassette where the destination is a person or a place, the vehicle is a thought, stirring.

June x

Where all the word things go, the shapes you’d happily survey and scour like an imaginary line in the far distant sky. When you’re less heavily weighted on the waiting room of words, worlds of worlds of worlds before the moment in which things go hum

I hear Joppa Road playing lightly in my head, you do, we all do when we’re not listening to it. Every song has its wake and this one makes waking up easier, this one makes the numbers months and things days of the week easier, and the words, the words are easier somehow right now, but who wants easier?, as I imagine the fact that I will be able to listen to something


in the future; something with borders that go without saying, songs that go without saying, it inevitably turns June again, still listening?

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