Journey Outwards

Three different genre songs for completely different moods, surely your mood is one of them, if not, embark upon journey to a different mood, different headland of thought, different waves. As it happens, it seems all of these moods are currently mine, bizarre concoction of moods.

The first song, ABCs, is by Andras Fox, a guy from Melbourne with a hip-hobby for reaching that lounging-around feeling, outrageously on-the-ground chill guy. Sitting on the sofa whilst your eyes dart around and you wave your arms. Stops your eyes darting around, calms your arms. Really hold steady instrumental hip-hop music. This song features on his Daydreaming Mini-LP, available for free digital Download.

The second song, Other Things, is by Plini. Oddly the music compiled is at least from a former-metal perspective; an odd thought when the charging jazz rhythm rolls over and over, like a wave accumulating all that shit you build up each day. Serious stress reliever, a realistic reliever: to relieve you anywhere. I can imagine being in an underground train packed to the brim with little available air and this song would still vanquish any feeling of claustrophobia. A serious piece of art! He released it a few days on his EP, also called Other Things, which is available for free Download.

The third song, Light, is by Eleven Tigers, my girlfriend reminded me of it yesterday; a song that I probably found when I was more concerned with other stuff than blogging. It hundred percent reminds me of my girlfriend. The female vocals drift slowly over big warm bass waves, before the beat comes  in fanatically, and together, female and beat, the exhilarating is created. Again, appearing on an album that is available (name your price) to Download


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