K O R I ” L Y N N

Tonight: musician that has my nature and attention subscribed



“Now it’s gone too far”

Going further, going like good-sounding people go –
Kori Lynn learnt all the right ones, all the right words, all the right heartbeats to a thumb, all the right volumes and all the right ** at the side of each refrain, each feeling of two hands controlling your edges, our voices and alls and eyes catching it all, each feeling of feeling LETTING GO, but go steady, go far –

She maybe learnt them, imagining, learnt them, but whatever the thing is that makes this song tick

✓ bold outlines, pretty black, sub, s p a c e, the dark thick one that’s full of moons and the things that pierce your skin, the things you don’t see inside, make you feel fast sick with good vigour

That thing, that b-beat, that can’t be learnt. That’s like something else. Like engaging. Like moving the movements of something else moving together, that ol’ gig –

– crying my “aaaaahhs!” out, my “yeaaaahhhs!”, my position in the crowd –

Sweating, bleary, READY, that’s the listener, her audience, just enough energy to clap clap, enough time to smile at nothing-objective and then pay attention in the same way I never do when the world’s just a typeface and a link and a forgone confusion – pay attention, a £ or more, a shot of something or more vs. your eyes, this one painted party, or black, or whatever – like – changing clothes while balancing while looking forward, towards the time you engage once more: something you rush off to after work, after all the learning

!!! This good. This good here inside the body bubble blown up good by one talented electro singer, Goin’ Steady, Kori Lynn.

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