keep your voice out of my head because

I think I’ll have to edit this post in a few days, or maybe tomorrow. Everything’s gotten dangerous and your decisions are like suicides of people like thoughts you don’t have anymore. And the guy holding the test tube looked like he was going to drop the test tube. The test tube was a product of HHHH where H stands for Hegel because you’re having those thoughts again, you start writing dreams into your arms in your dreams, you stop writing reviews, you’re 13 again, you’re imaginary again. Of course the test tube got dropped; it’s Wednesday, it’s Wednesday, it’s Wednesday, it’s not Wednesday. The guy did it, dropped it, on purpose because he forgot how to forget the fact he wants to fuck you and all your thoughts into a plateau upon which he can sleep. ON PURPOSE BECAUSE the guy gave you headaches on purpose because you gave him your money on purpose and because those pieces of paper are so intrinsic to your headaches, those numbers are so intrinsic to your headaches, those nightmares you keep on having, oh no wait you just logged on so it’s okay -

and you’re reading so it’s okay
schizophrenia so it’s okay
it’s a blog so it’s okay

Anything to keep your voice out of my head, anything to get anyone who thought they were important more engaged and more logged into the local scene whereby terrorists of the terrifyingly possible future explosions are just people who paranoid people think are paranoid.



just some lyrics from the above; reasons to commit yourself to reasons to keep thinking about how you’re still falling

February 14th 2016


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