Knifey Spooney by Dingus Khan

Dingus Khan – Knifey Spooney

With my dear beloved in a warm room, burrowed from dark nights and cold air with many layers of curtain and duvet, somewhere unimaginably habitable, the home of all homes, warmed with loving facial expressions and subtle movements, I needed the loo. Being productive and the boy I am, I took my needing the loo as an opportunity to convey to my excellent girlfriend the true wisdom of music that I have accumulated from two years of writing about songs on the internet. So I fetch the music player and with a moment of thought, plant this one on; a number by Dingus Khan. I leave the room, satisfied that all boxes are about to be ticked whilst my companion is left sitting bemused, looking at the speakers, the glinting-eyed rhythm of guitar riff opening out in nonchalant fashion.

My return to the room opens to silence of a song just finished playing and having left a slightly quickened heart-beat atmosphere for all the intimacy. I might have thought through my song-choice before unsettling my girlfriend like this. The absence of Knifey Spooney by Dingus Khan that ensues after Knifey Spooney by Dingus Khan finishes leaves one with a sense of longing, heightened dreadfully by the resultant silence in all its inadequacy. Gone are the spurting wailed and sometimes whispered lyrics of spoons, zebra-crossings and knives, gone are the casual whistles and wild shouts alight like adrenaline-fuelled tentfires, gone are the flying sparks of a most endearing voice, ricocheting off guitars in a way that frenzies the senses yet establishes eye-contact with natural ease. The absence of Knifey Spooney by Dingus Khan that ensues after listening to it is too unbearable, you have to listen to it again. So we did!

I could write out the stilts of background information of DK, but they write about themselves with impressive concision and that’s a great attribute to have. Introducing Dingus Khan;

Hailing from the estuaries of East Anglia, Dingus Khan have been playing gigs around this area, and sometimes in the capital city of the U.K for sometime now. 

They consist of not one, but two drummers, to keep your heart beating.
Three (ladies…please) bass players to keep your foot tapping.
A singer, with a guitar to melt young girls hearts, and moisten their under-crackers.
And an electric ukulele demon, just to keep you on your toes.

Let Dingus Khan play their Rock and Roll music my boy, and let them play it hard and fast. Then slow and steady. Then Hard and Fast.

What you must know is that this song comes out as their debut single on March 5th on Label Fandango. You can pre-buy it here. Keep in their touch on Facebook, they have loads of other really good songs. If you live in London area, then seeing this band play live will be one of the best things you ever do on a whim, seriously.


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