Lanu – Fall feat. Megan Washington

Lanu – Roosevelt Blues feat. Megan Washington

I’ve been meaning to talk about Lanu for some time now. The more observant of you may have noticed the link to their album, 12 Faces, we have had in our sidebar for a while now. The more wonderful of you will have parted with a few pounds and actually bought the thing.

I think the thing I like most about 12 Faces is that it’s not just well written music, which it is, but you can’t help but feel that someone has really thought through the way it comes across on record. Things like the vinyl skip of Roosevelt Blues and the busy yet balanced sound of Fall come close to a dependency on production but they toe the line. And at any rate it really works. It has a good musical element to it which cuts through a lot of the 6.4/10 albums that come through our doors but also a sense of larking about which always help an album skip along. larvely stuff.

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