Le Blorr

As you may well know we have a healthy lineup of writers who drop in and help us out from time to time. For the first time ever on this blog we present to you Phil. I think it’s safe to say that without Phil this music would never have found it’s way onto the blog. And that is a good thing.



I am a massive fan of the whole vast expanse of the musical spectrum from Opera to Punk Rock and everything that comes with it but a band this week made me think twice. The band’s name is Le Blorr and they come from Florida, USA. The lead singer, Cookie, has stylised himself as “the bastard son of rock and roll”.  In the past few weeks Le Blorr have been supporting Angels and Airwaves on their European Tour consisting of gigs in Germany, France and the UK and this is how I came across them.

Last night I went to see AVA (Angels and Airwaves) with Le Blorr supporting at the o2 Academy in Leeds. Now before I go to any gig like this I will check out the supporting act and usually I am happy at what I hear and feel that I have discovered a gem but I was simply not sure about Le Blorr. From what I heard on the album, Bim Bom, first time round I found that Le Blorr have a bizarre sound with an ability to mix southern American sounds with more electronic sounds but I was eager to hear more but was also apprehensive. I think it is fair to say that the crowd at the o2 Academy in Leeds didn’t warm to Cookie, his bassist and drummer very much. The enthusiasm of Le Blorr to sell their unique brand of music was admirable though. Even though they were supporting AVA they were very much removed from the kind of sound that AVA produce. This could be a reason to explain the reserved nature of the crowd.

When I got home from the gig I decided to listen to them again and I was glad I did. All the movements that Cookie made on stage and the album that I had listened to before the gig made sense. I was listening to an unpolished gem ready to be cut. Their riffs were seamlessly integrated with unique vocals of Cookie and styles of music only to be found the other side of the Atlantic. I think we will be hearing a lot more from these guys.



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