Leefest 2013! This Weekend!

Leefest is one of our favourite festivals here in the UK. The 2013 weekend starts this friday, if you have a free weekend, make the hasty decision to go, trust me, a weekend ticket is up there with some of the best ways to spend 70£. The lineup of music is essentially fantastic; a glittering of faintly emerged stars like DelphicFriends, To Kill A King, King Charles upon a melee of relatively undiscovered yet exceedingly innovative musicians from far and wide. Speaking from opinion and from my 2 experiences of this South East London based festival, the curator(s) of the festival seem to have fingers on the pulses of some truly original and creative minds lingering beneath mainstream exposure, just about unsettled from the parameter of their hometowns. Artists like these help fuel the uniquely exciting atmosphere of Leefest; so much diversity, so many ideas, so many different types of enthusiasm for rhythm. But crucially, there is still an inescapable thought that exudes from each stage and stall of the event and that is that this is still just Lee Denny’s non-profit festival grown and grown 7 years on from his back garden. You walk around the site seeing such amazing stuff that seems almost globally significant for its artistic value, yet you are welcomed constantly down to earth to the feeling that you are attending a friend’s do, a friend’s massive party. A party with not just music but all kinds of art stimulators in form of theatre, comedy, dance, theatre, poetry, the whole lot! So, before I go dissect the line-up from my own humble perspective, I would highly recommend this as your last-minute  planned weekend event, to catch up with your friends, to go with your girlfriend, your brother, make some conversation, see some cool things, purely for its atmosphere; integrity fun enjoyable unpretentious music art and everything…those are your buzzwords! Okay, let’s go listen to some music…

As of yet, there are 75 performers announced over the whole weekend. I’ve picked 5 to talk about, 5 without words (there’s only so long I can verbally respond to hugely positive things before I start to feel slightly queasy and I overload on the meaning of life), and finally an 8tracks mix of the lot so you don’t have to pause and play etc. etc. Enjoy!


Hella Better Dancer

These girls and boy are mesmerising; everything happens at the same time constantly, lyrics sweeping around the city in a big smooth circular shape, so warm, so alight, a big orange glow of words and feelings above the busy  gritty lurching rocking city where everything happens.  The listener’s eyes dart from each musician trying to find out where this magnificent painting starts and where it stops: these young guys hold something really huge and meaningful, fantastic to listen to.


Lucy Cait

Rivers sometimes look so determined, a current that’s strong, water over rocks with ease, somehow this determination is carried through and is to me reminded through the english voice of Lucy Cait. She sings an irresistible form of music, alternative and folk-reaching energy; words planted defiantly upon strums and plucks of guitar, kick drums where drums should kick.



It’s a seemingly unwitting fashion in which this band know everything beautiful about fuzzy low-decay electric keys, everything beautiful about fuzzy drums, everything about the faintly present chords guiding through chord patterns that seemingly never ever ever get old as a pop music medium, a medium for voice. And by goodness, the voice of Wall is so so pretty; pure assonance, biggest indie pop heaven you will find in terms of that ratio between effortlessly appealing noise and solemnity, preciousness of the voiced message, the lyrics hidden within.


London Grammar

London Grammar is perhaps next level in terms of production, popularity and emergence. But the bewildering number of SoundCloud plays they have accumulated is frankly nothing compared to the stunning grandeur, majesty of the songs they create. Lead by one of the greatest female voices you’ll hear, each song initiates a pulse that takes you up and down, mechanical rhythm to shiver for as the strings soar overhead and the bass pummels the ground you’re standing on.


Young Romance

All We Are

Keston Cobblers’ Club



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Leefest Again! [2013 version] from APocketFullOfSeeds on 8tracks Radio.

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