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Broken Heads – 1+1

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 I was stumbling around on stage trying to keep an eye on all the technicalities that stood in the way of creative communication, so many fucking plugs and mics and lights and outputinput complications. Tiring. And that was just the soundcheck.

And then we’re about to go on to meet the curious frowning sweating mass of fellow 17 year olds. and i’m starting to count my eyelashes to distract myself. from my own hopeless internal flock of butterflies that are clogging up that divine moment endured when I sat down and. wrote those songs… But first, before we play, Broken Heads are kicking in, I can see them from backstage. And everything they’re doing is perfect, jumping around, punching, lurching, yet still so beautifully tight in performance. Fellow 17 year olds still there, now stamping out grey timetables and silent lessons that fill up day-to-day routine like puddles. Because the environment inwhich Broken Heads exist is a house party. They drove everyone to a celebrating headfucked mass of agreeable excitable incomprehensible kinetic explosions. They communicated energy. It was amazing.

So on stage we went and I felt a loner, too scared to look at the observing audience. That’s not a bad thing either. It’s just entirely inappropiate for a college Battle of the Bands, which acts more as a blissful stress relief to the masses rather than a platform for shiftiness.

Broken Heads are moving quick, recording and putting out some new songs. 1+1 is one of their earliers.


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