Library Mood Swings


Bon Accord – Human Heat

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And so with deadlines, expectations, embarrassing stories and the endless temptation of debauchery staring me in the face, I find myself shacked up in my favourite corner of my least favourite piece of campus. Jokes about how under prepared we all our for the end of uni are becoming less and less funny and the attempts to drink ones way out of concern are becoming more and more sincere and more than a little tragic.

Bon Accord are a new find for me and thanks to the “name-your-price” price tag on their Bandcamp page, I have had the opening track of their EP rolling around my iTunes for a couple of days now. Reminds me a bit of M83 with thudding bass lines and reeling treble synth dancing over the top. Fits nicely into a library session… until you start to get bored and decide to write a blog post on it.

Staying in the ilk of “Bon” I just got wind of a whole album of Bon Iver remixes. Having spend the last few days revisiting the excellent Das Kapital remix of Skinny Love I couldn’t help but explore the reworks of Panama. Bon iver remixes should really be banned, like covering Stairway To Heaven, or comparing your tour antics to Spinal Tap. But even though some of these remixes might be sacrilege for the die hard Justin Vernonites, some of them, including this chillstepped take on Blood Bank is pretty phenomenal.


See what you think, are there some artists that should never be covered?



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