Life in Film Twitter Interview

So we did this a few days ago and it was quite ridiculous but also cool and a lot of fun.

And here it is, the interview we (using our Twitter alias: SeedPocket) did with Sam from Life In Film via tweets. Reading this back it was way more shambolic than I thought at the time but here it is as it happened!


A Pocket Full Of Seeds: Give us a shout when you are ready!

Sam/Life In Film: I’m ready for my close up mr president! but i can’t find the hash on my keyboard, no joke!

Apfos: are you on a mac? I had exactly the same problem and have no solution! Maybe copy and paste? haha Can anyone help us?!

LiF: It took me even longer to solve the problem of my short computer lead before i realised i could move the sofa!

Apfos: haha I feel like we are both highlighting and tearing down the problems of our technology dependant society

LiF: I just thought of that myself, i’ve copied it from word, what a kaffuful…. is that how you kaffuful?

Apfos: kerfuffle maybe? OK this interview is now in session. How has Summer been treating the band?

LiF: Boom! Its been very exciting thanks, we played a few shows but mostly writing and recording

Apfos: Nice! I managed to see your set at LodeStar festival which was so good. Is the plan to finish recording before the October gigs?

LiF: I bought a guitar todayfor £11 and everything you play on it sounds like Modest Mouse.. Micky will be pleased

LiF: Thanks, it was fun, we got there a day early and spent the night running around the place and dancing in the van

Apfos: haha van dancing+guitar anecdote is pretty good times for everyone

LiF: yeah, our tour manager was the dj which had its ups and downs!

Apfos: How would you describe the new record in 140 characters?

LiF: I enjoyed Fantasy by Mariah Carey but the grime was a bit much for me!

Apfos: haha I assume your talking about the DJ set not the album. I was working the bar and we thoroughly enjoyed Mariah

LiF: Not the actual dj but the mobile disco we set up in the van, i knew he was stealing the playlist from somewhere!

LiF: I would say its gonna sound like a living diary [back to talking about the album]

Apfos: haha I think Im starting to see why Twitter interviews aren’t so common! Living diary sounds very enticing

Apfos: You guys had success after Watch Listen Tell () Did LiF start workin with Burberry from the vid?#

LiF: Yes exactly, they wanted to record another track so we did Alleyway. WLT is a great concept

Apfos: It’s a great concept and the video is really special.

Apfos: Do you think people expected that same acoustic sound after the video?

LiF: yes definately, we worked on a bigger version of the song but people weren’t too happy with it

LiF: i think for the album we will keep it pretty stripped down

Apfos: A lot of big people (like WLT) have worked with your music, is it hard to balance the band against their influence?

LiF: it can be yes, i think its important that the 4 of us trust one anothers judgement

LiF: it also helps to hear what fans think as we are so used to some songs that were kind of blocked to how they sound

Apfos: I see I see, that makes a lot of sense, and it clearly works a treat.

Apfos: OK last question! In an ideal world how would the next 6-12 months pan out for you the band?

LiF: get this album out there, and then go and play it live to everyone out there who wants to hear it

LiF: we can’t ask for much more than that!

Apfos: sounds perfect! Am I right in saying that your next show is at Cargo in London on October the 5th

LiF: You certainly are, were looking forward to it. p.s. i would have been in trouble for not mentioning that, so thanks!

Apfos: haha no worries! And if anyone listening in wants to get their hands on a free Life In Film tracks then:

Apfos: Thanks for taking the time out to talk Sam, very much appreciated. We’ll be in touch asap I’m sure!

LiF: my pleasure! mick just got home with some crappy clothes he wants to show me so i better give him some attention

Apfos: All is well. Take care x

LiF: Chat to you soon, cheers!



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