Life Mask

Portico Quartet – Life Mask

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Hamburg Stadtpark, April 21st, 2011

Exploding quietly, wouldn’t tell a soul. Keeping head down, pounding with every little lingering bump in the road. Then a slight change was acknowledged; rather like the feeling when you open the window inside a screaming whirring horribly hollow car. Window open, mmm you can smell a bit of life, ringing out precisely 1 minute and 42 seconds into this song.

The momentary blissful relief of the open window is then suitably gone rather quickly, it leaves like the sun would a day, resonating in its inevitability, completely disappearing at 4 minutes into this song.

Then you’re back looking at the car-seat in front of you, looking for the driver, eyes shaking as the road’s imperfections are highlighted in darkness, where’s the fucking driver? Eyes shake up, till your brain is just a wash of distant noise and yearnings, of aches and tangled up sorrow- cutting mostly at 5 minutes and 35 seconds. I watch. And feel accordingly.

The moment itself passes however. The shaking eyes are finally laid unshaking. 6 minutes into this song brings the listener finally to the concluding moment of relaxation, eyes unable to shake in dreamless sleep. And the faceless driver is left to drive, as we sit in the back-seat, until the sun comes up, washed over with reflections upon that momentary bliss earlier.

And despite the seemingly weighted ratio towards unsettled shaking within this song, one would still listen to it again, just like I’d get out of bed in the morning, simply for that blissful minute of open-windowed flying, Trees and such-like, Sun.


The whole album to which this song belongs is recommendable. It is now 2 years old. I posted this song [this time last year], it is a song that I feel grows with the listener. Never a phase; the beauty of Portico Quartet is resounding like an oak tree, no better.

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