Linn Öberg / Jump

Linn Öberg – Jump

Peddling round the rising and glittering. This song is powerful, you don’t have to empathise with her message of lost love, of getting it together; this is the sort of song that captures you, it’s strong purely on the feet of a Swedish girl’s voice and rhythm. I haven’t the words for it now, there’s too much spinning and spindling. This song is powerful like pounding feet like peddling person around the sides of the lake, circling, a small black figure around, speeding round the contours of a rising, mounting, slanted love once there. Öberg runs away with ease, I watch her, oh Linn you have my attention.

There’s something about this song, Jump, that is more subtle than the words she says, it throws energy at me, it throws hope, throws movement. It’s not for me what she’s singing, how she’s singing it maybe more importantly. Somehow I fear she’s still in love. This song gets me thinking at the heels of her drums, her “ocean”, get’s my eyes out in the open, like buoys.

This song is both beautiful yet also energising to the point of wide eyes alert, purpose glazed with appreciation.

The best song of its kind/genre I’ve heard in the last year no doubt.

Buy it.  



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