liris > Iridescent Love

The bit in this song with vocoder is sweet This song is legend The thought behind it is clear, behind the l-
Days get disturbed by mornings like the heart, these lyrics sound like a speech with spatial awareness
Sinking into the fluids in the knees, molten, this voice is cage This song still pinching, the bit where her voice falls like air This music is clear, not clean, but clear, not easy, clear, clarifying and distilled like high-heels over time on concrete, just came outside, it’s city and it’s constant -ation I can see with my’ve own i:

Suddenly and activating passive knowledge of great depression, produce me dimension, growth of nerve-endings in undark pockets: this, you understand how the ambiguity is some kind, tolerate, touching like the congratulations of reverberating like ankles now, perspective

loosened, unbelieving

This song is still legend,
evening clarified
disturbed day made undone conviction,
it’s so easy to make sense, it’s so easy to be clear
when everything else is mixed and muffled like a memory’s voice coming to close – moon, lamp

Easy on the ears, love-like, you’ll understand when –

well, today actually: this is a single newly released today by liris from her EP called Hope, playing in London soon, the track premiered on Pigeons and Planes earlier today that also features a picture of

bye –

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