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This is the debut album by Fairfax, AK

You can get into a nasty and frustrating circle when trying to smash out a blog post. Sometimes nothing sounds quite right and every new band/artist/DJ you skim through just doesn’t cut it. I get this quite a lot and I have found the best cure is just to go back to my comfort zone of 4-5 artists or some other band who I have already blogged the shit out of and switch off. Just enjoy good music. It really is my least favourite thing about blogging that the obsession with something new takes over from the obsession with something good. You just feel like an idiot when you realise you could have spent the last hour with a good album sized slab of  vinyl without the option of skipping. You can just commit yourself to listening in to stuff that works.

Anyway, before this turns into a bit of a ramble, please listen to Fairfax, AK. These guys were the perfect cure to a bloggers dry spell. It works in the same way as Port O’Brien‘s Calm Me Down by opening with the kind of chords that tell you to shut up, stop whinging and close your eyes. You can stop thinking about the future, ex-girlfriends or some bullshit that pissed if you off this morning, there’s no point.

And then it gets louder and you can open your eyes and properly snap out what ever is bugging you. because chances are you have a to-do list to get through and it’s not getting any shorter.



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