Made in Iceland IV


Icelandic boy-girl duets with horns and accordions is quite possibly the easiest way to reserve a special place for your band in A Pocket Full Of Seeds heaven.

What better opener for Made In Iceland IV than Of Monsters And Men. Made In Iceland compilations are one of my favourite ways to find new music and this latest one is no exception. Feast upon the volley of pop music which ranges from the quirksome Bjorkishness of Ólöf Arnalds to the swirling gentle hum of Rökkurró to the utterly fantastic Beirut-style duets of Útidúr and something for the Spencer Krug / Sunset Rubdown / Moonface fans with Who Knew.

Its a crazy good album and you can get a hold of all the songs here.


Personal favourites:


Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks


Útidúr – Fisherman’s Friend


Rökkurró – Sólin mun skína


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